Here you will find a bunch of very different projects I've worked on.
In most of these I did the whole visual aspect, in some I also did something else.

Highly Integrated Gay Hijinks

A little creative lab. Here we make games and other digital toys. Some of these are also listed here in this page.

Ship Shape

A puzzle game for the Playdate Console, in which you have to match shapes to some rules. Addicting.

The Disney Compendium

An index of Disney productions across all media, with in-depth analysis articles. In Italian.


A sort of literary experiment (I guess?) made as part of the Cani in Alto collective. In Italian.

La Tana del Sollazzo

An online community and blog for enjoyers of comics, films, tv shows and all kinds of media. In Italian.


An incremental game based on shapes and colors. Currently very unfinished (sorry).


A small portal for the online community dedicated to PK, an Italian Donald Duck comic.


A webcomic about a fangirl in a world of superheroes. Currently on extended hiatus.

Kill Surf City

A music and city culture webzine based in Palermo. Closed in 2014.


My very old site about PK, an Italian Donald Duck comic. Warning: This is very, very old.